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Encountering a snake in your home or business can be a terrifying experience. Although most snakes are harmless, some can be venomous and pose a significant risk to humans and pets. Even non-venomous snakes can cause considerable distress and potential property damage. 

At General's Wildlife Removal in Memphis, we provide swift and effective snake removal services. Our expert team is highly skilled in identification, removal, and prevention techniques. When you contact us for your snake problems, we handle the situation safely, efficiently, and humanely. 

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Signs You Have a Snake Problem

While snakes can often remain unseen, several signs can indicate their presence on your property. Knowing these signs can help you act swiftly and call for professional help:

  • Slither Tracks. Snakes move by slithering, leaving unique, wavy patterns in dust or dirt. If you notice such tracks around your property, it might signify a snake’s presence.
  • Snake Skin. Snakes shed their skin as they grow, a process known as ecdysis. Finding these shed skins around your property is a sign of their presence.
  • Droppings. Snake droppings are unique and differ from other wildlife due to their diet. They often contain the indigestible parts of their prey, like hair and bones. If you find such droppings, a snake might be nearby.
  • Odd Pet Behavior. If you have pets, observe their behavior. Dogs and cats often act differently when they sense a snake, showing signs of nervousness or aggression.
  • Sightings. A direct sighting is an immediate indication of a snake problem. Remember, never try to handle or remove the snake yourself, as this can be dangerous. Instead, maintain a safe distance and call for professional help immediately.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We are here to help. Still have questions or can't find the answer you need? Give us a call at 901-665-2228 today!

  • What is the estimated cost of professional snake removal services?

    The cost for professional snake removal services can vary based on several factors, such as the size of the snake, the location (inside or outside the property, accessibility), the number of snakes present, and the situation's complexity. Professionals typically assess the situation during an initial consultation and provide a cost estimate. At General's Wildlife Removal, we offer competitive prices and efficient service for your convenience and satisfaction.

  • What are common places snakes might hide on my property?

    Snakes typically lurk in places providing cover and access to prey. They may hide in overgrown plants, beneath rocks or logs, inside sheds or garages, or within cracks in your home's foundation. Unruly stacks of wood or other clutter can also provide a suitable hiding spot. If you locate a snake, never attempt to handle it alone; instead, contact General's Wildlife Removal for professional assistance.

  • Is it advisable to use traps for catching snakes myself?

    While you can technically use traps to catch snakes, we strongly discourage trying to handle a snake problem without professional help. Snakes can be dangerous, especially if they feel threatened. Even non-venomous snakes can deliver painful bites. Additionally, different snake species require different trapping methods and handling procedures, which are best left to the professionals.

Importance of Professional Snake Removal Services

Snakes are vital to our ecosystem, controlling rodent populations and contributing to biodiversity. However, they can become a cause for concern when they intrude into human settlements. Professional snake removal services offer the best solutions in such scenarios. Here's why:

  • Safe Identification and Handling. Professional wildlife experts have the necessary training and experience to correctly identify snake species. This knowledge is crucial, as each species requires a different handling and removal strategy. Our experts are trained to manage both non-venomous and venomous snakes, reducing the risk of bites or other injury.
  • Use of Specialized Equipment. Professionals are equipped with the right tools and gear to capture and remove snakes safely. We employ snake tongs, hooks, bags, and other specialized equipment to ensure the process is efficient and risk-free.
  • Preventive Measures. Besides removing intruding snakes, professionals provide comprehensive advice on preventing future snake invasions. They can conduct a detailed property inspection, identify potential entry points, and suggest corrective measures to make your property less attractive to snakes.
  • Compliance with Legal Regulations. Different regions have strict regulations regarding snake handling, especially for endangered or protected species. Our professionals ensure adherence to these rules, thus protecting you from potential legal issues.
  • Humane Treatment. Professional wildlife removal services emphasize humanely treating all animals, including snakes. We ensure the captured snakes are relocated to suitable habitats where they can thrive, minimizing animal harm and stress.

Your Go-To for Snake Removal in Memphis and Surrounding Areas

At General's Wildlife Removal, we prioritize safety, efficiency, and humane treatment in all our wildlife removal services. Our team of experts will ensure that your snake problem is handled swiftly and effectively, allowing you peace of mind. Remember, dealing with a snake problem is not a DIY task. Never put yourself or others at risk by trying to handle the situation yourself.

Dial (901) 665-2228 or contact us online and let our team of seasoned experts take care of the problem for you.

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