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Raccoons may seem harmless, but when they invade your property, they can become a significant nuisance, causing damage and posing potential health risks. At General's Wildlife Removal, we specialize in providing professional raccoon removal services in Memphis, Germantown, and beyond. Our team consists of highly trained wildlife management experts who are well-versed in safely and humanely removing these creatures from your property.

From inspecting your premises to identify the extent of the raccoon problem to implementing effective removal strategies and offering post-removal cleanup and prevention advice, we cover all aspects of raccoon control. With our assistance, you can rest assured knowing your property will be free of raccoon invasions and the potential problems that come with them. 

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Raccoon Behavior and Risks

Raccoons are renowned for their intelligence, enabling them to thrive in various environments, including urban ones. They often infiltrate residential areas, seeking food and shelter, resulting in potential conflicts with homeowners. Understanding their behavior can assist in managing them effectively. 

Here are some key issues and risks associated with raccoons:

  • Property Damage. Raccoons are notorious for their destructive tendencies. As they search for food or nesting areas, they can cause considerable damage, tearing up insulation, damaging ductwork, destroying gardens, or chewing through wires and roofing material.
  • Disease Risk. Raccoons are vectors of several zoonotic diseases, including rabies and raccoon roundworms. They also carry ticks, fleas, and other parasites, which can spread Lyme disease and other health risks to both humans and pets.
  • Aggression. Raccoons are typically docile creatures but can exhibit aggressive behavior when cornered or threatened, which poses a potential safety hazard to your family and pets.
  • Nocturnal Nuisance. Being nocturnal, raccoons are most active during the night. Their activities can lead to disruptive noises, such as scratching in the walls or scurrying in the attic, interrupting your sleep and peace of mind.
  • Waste Issues. Raccoons leave behind droppings and urine, which create unpleasant odors and pose a health risk due to the diseases they can carry.

Benefits of Professional Raccoon Removal

Managing raccoons can be challenging due to their intelligence, agility, and potential for aggression. Here are reasons why you should consider professional raccoon removal:

  • Safe and Humane. At General's Wildlife Removal, we believe in respecting all creatures. Our team is trained in humane wildlife control techniques, ensuring the safe and respectful treatment of raccoons while protecting your property.
  • Effective Solutions. Leveraging our deep understanding of raccoon behavior, we use proven strategies and state-of-the-art tools to remove raccoons from your property and prevent future invasions.
  • Health Protection. Professional raccoon removal is more than just eviction. We ensure thorough cleanup of any mess left behind by raccoons, mitigating the risk of diseases associated with these creatures.
  • Save Time and Money. Attempting DIY raccoon removal methods often lead to temporary solutions at best and could escalate the damage. Professional removal saves you the time, effort, and potential repair costs associated with unsuccessful DIY attempts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We are here to help. Still have questions or can't find the answer you need? Give us a call at 901-665-2228 today!

  • Are there potential risks associated with attempting raccoon removal myself?

    Yes, DIY raccoon removal comes with several potential risks. Raccoons are known to be aggressive when threatened, which can result in injuries. As carriers of diseases, a bite or scratch from a raccoon can have serious health implications. It's always recommended to enlist the help of professionals to ensure safe and effective raccoon removal.

  • What techniques are commonly used for professional raccoon removal?

    We employ humane and effective raccoon removal techniques at General's Wildlife Removal. The process typically involves an initial inspection to determine the extent of the infestation and identify entry points. Once we've identified the raccoons' habits and locations, we employ humane trapping techniques to safely capture the animals. After removing the raccoons, we provide exclusion services, which involve sealing off entry points and making necessary repairs to prevent future invasions.

  • What are the reasons for removing raccoons from my property?

    Raccoons can pose significant risks to both property and health. They are known to cause extensive damage to homes and commercial premises in their search for food and shelter, tearing up insulation, destroying ductwork, and even damaging roofs. Raccoons are also carriers of several diseases, such as rabies and raccoon roundworm, which can pose a risk to humans and pets. Their nocturnal habits can result in noise disruptions. For these reasons, removing raccoons promptly and professionally from your property is important.

Your Certified Team for Raccoon Control 

At General's Wildlife Removal, our team is certified and experienced in handling all aspects of raccoon control. We take pride in delivering comprehensive services to homeowners and businesses in Memphis, Germantown, and the surrounding areas. By choosing us, you benefit from:

  • Highly skilled wildlife management professionals
  • Swift and effective raccoon removal
  • Humane and environmentally friendly practices
  • Excellent customer service

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